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Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a skin treatment that smooths lines and wrinkles, can remove facial hair, and erase some skin pigment problems, including sunspots. IPL can also be used to treat spider veins, acne, and rosacea.

IPL delivers a pulse of light energy that gently heats up the upper layers of the skin. This energy targets the red and brown colors of the skin eliminating many of the vessels that cause redness and the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will also stimulate your skin cells to generate new collagen that provides a firmer, smoother appearance to the skin.

IPL is a non-invasive therapy, which means that it affects the lower layers of skin rather than the top layers. Because it is not as abrasive as other methods, a patient can have the technique done with no downtime, or long break between treatment, which is something laser treatments require.

Benefits of Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation:

  • Improves sun spots, redness and blood vessels
  • Minimizing pores and fine lines
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Non-invasive treatment

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