Getting Started

Getting started is easy. If you would like to see a doctor, simply call or email to set up an appointment in the city near you.

If you have additional questions you would like answered before scheduling your first appointment, we highly recommend attending one of our upcoming Ageless Living Talks near you.

Available at the following locations

Ageless Living Eagle Creek
#120-27 Helmcken Road
Victoria, BC V8Z 5G5

Phone: (778)265-8181
Ageless Living Vancouver
1090 Homer Street Suite 300
Victoria, BC V6B 2W9

Phone: 250-590-5787
Ageless Living Cold Lake
5014-50th Avenue Suite 103
Cold Lake, AB T9M 0L1

Phone: 780-594-0025

What to expect during your appointment with the doctor:

1st Initial Consult (30min Nutritionist, 15min Health Coach, and 15min MD)

Will include:

  1. Review of medical history
  2. Review of medical studies concerning hormone treatments and cancer
  3. Discussion about bio-idential vs synthetic hormones
  4. Blood pressure and weight measurements (BMI)
  5. Waivers to be signed prior to any treatment plan
  6. Discussion regarding benefits and risks of hormone treatment
  7. Blood work and tests will be ordered at this time

2nd Initial Consult (15min Nutritionist, 15min Health Coach and 15min MD)

  1. Review of the lab results
  2. Discussion about hormone cascade and hormone metabolite testing
  3. Treatment plan and discussion of follow up procedures
  4. Question and answers

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