Fractora Laser Treatment

Fractora Forma Skin Tightening Laser Treatment is one of the newest, most advanced, and most effective techniques for tightening and lifting skin. Often referred to as a “Red Carpet Mini-FaceLift,” a Forma treatment is known for it’s ability to deliver an immediate revived and naturally lifted appearance without any downtime.

The Forma and Plus Skin Tightening devices are radio-frequency skin rejuvenation treatments that heat the sub dermal layers to promote collagen in the skin to remodel, rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

What Can Forma Do For You?

Forma can immediately tighten your skin and improve your skin tone. It will leave your skin looking and feeling more youthful, tighter, and radiant. While this can be done anywhere on the face, neck or body. Forma is incredibly effective on crow’s feet, under eye bags, saggy eyelids, fine lines around the nose, mouth, forehead and jawline. Forma will astonishingly remove or reduce the appearance of the nasolabial fold, lax necks, jowls, double chins and loose necklines.

Skin Tightening Laser Treatment Benefits:

  • Effective alternative to face and neck lifting.
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Tighter, smoother skin
  • Decreases appearance of lines
  • Younger appearance
  • Can be used as preventative treatment

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